Pop Up Closet Flange

The Pop up Closet Flange features a pop up test cap that can hold up to 6 floors of pressure and is still quickly and easily removed while not being able to fall down the drain. The test cap is below the top surface of the flange, preventing damage at the work site. It also comes with optional patented pending stainless steel reinforcing inserts to give you the strength and rigidity of a metal closet flange with the corrosion resistance of a plastic flange. 14 floor attachment holes offer options with irregular floor cutouts.

Product Chart
PVC w/ Test CapItem #: P-3301
ABS w/ Test CapItem #: P-3302
PVC w/o Test CapItem #: P-3303
ABS w/o Test CapItem #: P-3304
PVC w/ SS Inserts & Test CapItem #: P-3311
ABS w/ SS Inserts & Test CapItem #: P-3312
PVC w/o SS Inserts & No Test CapItem #: P-3313
ABS w/o SS Inserts & No Test CapItem #: P-3314

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