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A Legacy of Innovation

LSP Products was founded by plumbers over 40 years ago with a focus on unparalleled innovation, superior product quality, and best-in-class service to the plumbing industry. Since its beginning as Specialty Products, LSP has continued to lead plumbing products innovation with inventions like the stainless steel braided flex connector, the Kahuna™ outlet box, the Revolver waste & overflow, Pull Stop Box™, and most recently, the One Stop Box™.  Our primary focus is the new construction market where we develop products that make installations easy and provide significant cost savings to the plumbing/mechanical contractor. 

LSP is owned by NCH Corporation (NCH), a privately (family) owned corporation based in Irving, Texas. NCH has been owned by the same family and headquartered in Irving, Texas for over 100 years which provides significant stability and longevity to LSP. 

LSP has a manufacturing facility located in Monterrey, Mexico and a distribution center in Dallas, Texas. We are proud to offer many products designed and made in North America. Those products can be identified by looking for the “Made in North America” designation on our product listings.

Mission Statement

Helping families realize the American Dream by delivering innovative plumbing solutions.

Company Today

While plumbing practices and products have changed over the last 40 years, LSP’s focus on designing and manufacturing innovative products remains steadfast. LSP concentrates its efforts on making a plumber’s job simpler, easier and faster. Our products not only reduce installation time and labor, but are also built to the highest quality standards and come with unmatched customer support and service. 

Today, LSP consists of the following product divisions:

  • Specialty Products™ – outlet boxes, tub boxes, clamps, test caps, hangers, AAVs, pipe secure brackets, copper stub-outs, hammer arresters, tub protectors, water heater pans, foam wrap, and much more
  • Aqua-Flo® – a full line of braided, vinyl, and corrugated connectors and stops
  • Rapid-Fit® – bath waste and overflow assemblies with designer finishes
  • Insulation – polyolefin foam pipe insulation
  • Tech Specialties® / Frank Pattern Mfg. – a broad line of roof drains, floor drains, shower drains and closet flanges

Lead Free

LSP Products Group is continually focused on quality products. This focus includes consumer safety. In support of the “Lead Free” legislation that is now in effect in several states, LSP offers “Lead Free” products that contain less than 0.25% lead by weighted average. These products comply with all state and federal legislation that revise the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the Lead Contamination Control Act of 1988. Previous to the recent “Lead Free” legislature, plumbing components could contain up to 8% lead.

LSP is devoted to providing “Lead Free” products. In addition to our standard line, we also offer a variety of “Lead Free” products.


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